U.S. Department of Labor Forms FLSA Outreach Office

Bayonne, Michel - 300dpi
Mike Bayonne

U.S. Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, recently formed the U.S. Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) new Office of Compliance Initiatives (“OCI”).  The stated purpose of the OCI, according to the DOL’s website, is in part to “promote greater understanding of federal labor laws and regulations, allowing job creators to prevent violations and protect Americans’ wages, workplace safety and health, retirement security, and other rights and benefits.”  To this end, the OCI focuses on education to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). 

Additionally, the OCI, organized by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, seeks to promote compliance assistance outreach through immediate interaction.  The OCI initiative includes the launch of worker.gov and employer.gov, two websites with resources to assess compliance with the law.  More specifically, employer.gov provides employers with resources to assess wage and hour compliance and worker.gov provides employees with information regarding their rights and responsibilities under federal wage and hour law.

On the Clock will monitor the reporting and actions of the OCI and will provide additional updates related to any major projects, news, or initiatives. In the meantime, employers are encouraged to add worker.gov, employer.gov, and the OCI to their list of wage-and-hour resources.

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